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SR Group

Rebuild a secure future with our expertise and guidance

About our team

Our mission is to help people confronted with financial distress and the burden of debt. We know from years of experience that there is a solution to most if not all financial issues. We work to avoid bankruptcy and reduce the impact and fall out from situations where matters have spiralled out of control.

We understand the fear, the sleepless nights, the anxious moments when you go to the letterbox or receive no caller ID calls. You do not have to face this alone. Our goal is to secure and rebuild your financial future. We are not debt or loan consolidators. We are a professional team of experts who are focused on solving your current financial troubles. Regardless of complexity, we do not judge nor do we criticise. We adopt an honest and realistic approach and then get on with resolving all of your financial issues.


Susie Bennell Managing Director

Susie Bennell

Managing Director

Susie Bennell is the Founder and Managing Director of the SR Group, a Boutique Advisory Firm located in Sydney. Susie is an inspirational and engaging communicator, with a passion to implement change and growth, particularly in the areas of  Fraud and Advocacy. Her legacy background expands a range of industries, giving her the motivation, expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Tom Jollye General Manager

Tom Jollye

General Manager

Tom Jollye is the General Manager at the SR Group and has been with the company since inception. Tom contributes a wealth of experience and knowledge, particularly in the areas of Individual and Company Restructure and Corporate Advisory. He has a strong financial background and is completing his Masters degree in Professional Accounting.

Kimberley Morgan Manager – Special Projects

Kimberley Morgan

Manager Special Projects

Kimberley Morgan is the Special Projects Manager. Kimberley comes from a background in Finance, Law, Media and Commercial Consultancy. She is highly motivated and possesses a willingness to lead and drive change in area of  Fraud and Advocacy. Working very closely with Susie Bennell, Managing Director. Kimberley is an experienced negotiator who thrives on a challenge.

Mandana Missaghi Business Development Manager

Mandana Missaghi

Business Development Manager

Mandana Missaghi is the Business Development Manager. Her tenacious ability to build her network, create great rapport with her clients and strengthen her relationships is infectious. She is relentless in the pursuit of achieving the absolute best result, both for her clients and the SRG Team.

Mali De Castro Client Services Administrator

Mali De Castro

Client Services Administrator

Mali’s role as Client Services Administrator gives him the opportunity to support our clients in the realities of financial hardship through his unique empathy and compassion. His multi-faceted skill base gives our clients positive outcomes from the financial distress they are experiencing.Mali is currently studying combined degrees in Mathematics and Finance & International Studies.

James Silver

James Silver

Client Liaison

James, our Client Liaison Lead is motivated by seeking great results for our clients. His methodical process of problem-solving gives our clients’ a clear direction on recovery methods to aid their financial distress situations. James has recently completed a Bachelor of Journalism and is currently pursuing his Masters in Finance.

Penny Jerome Marketing Manager

Penny Jerome

Marketing Manager

Penny manages our marketing department, taking charge of our business growth and outbound communications. Penny is naturally compassionate, totally investing herself in her work to achieve the best results for our clients. Having studied at several premier design schools in Sydney and London, Penny has built an extensive career in marketing for the finance, defence, technology, property and multi-level marketing industries globally.