Important Update on Royal Commission into the Banking Sector

To our clients,

We have some good news!

Our Managing Director Susie Bennell received a call from the Minister’s office earlier this morning, informing her that there will be a press release made today, which widens the scope of our clients who have made claims for loss.

The salient point of the call was this: claims which were going to be made against the Retrospective Compensation Fund (“the Fund”) will now be made to the Royal Commission into the Banking Sector. This is beneficial, as the Royal Commission can make the decision to refund investors monies as well as a make a recommendation to prosecute the perpetrators of the crime!

Some of our clients had planned to claim against the Fund, so this will no doubt come as important news to some. Please do not be alarmed, this is beneficial progress and we are proceeding as planned.

Merry Christmas to all x

SR Group Team