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SRG Advocacy

SRG Advocacy Service Sydney

SRG Advocacy is a specialist division of SR Group that works with victims of deceptive and misleading conduct and financial fraud.

SRG Advocacy

SRG Advocacy is a specialist division of SR Group that works with victims of deceptive and misleading conduct and financial fraud.

What Our Clients Say

“Susie, Kimberley and their team at the SR Group met us at a low point in our life, when trust was not a resource we had in great quantities. Their patience and persistence in building a relationship with us, until we believed they could make a difference,  has had life changing results.  We had initially pursued the more traditional approach when trying to unravel the mess that we found ourselves in, but the “system” does not look after the individual, and it was clear from early on, that we were not going to have a positive outcome. The SR Group was clear right from the start that there were options available to us that had not been pursued, and they had the contacts and the action orientated attitude to make it happen.  Even though the goal posts have shifted during the process, their initial quote has not changed, and the outcome has remained a consistent priority.  They have remained true to their initial promise that they were in a position to assist.  As we currently stand, the final resolution has not yet played out, but the process has been confirmed, and we are confident in the result. I cannot recommend Susie and her team highly enough to act with integrity, discretion and with a results orientated approach.  They have pulled the bunny out the hat for our family, and for that I will be forever grateful”


“If I could given SR Group a higher score than 10, I would. Somewhere around 100,000,000 out of 10 would be more accurate”

Mark Laszczuk


We are dedicated to seek justice for those who have been unfairly treated or compromised by systemic failure. Where ever possible we initiate recovery proceedings. We seek compensation for our clients through external dispute resolution, class actions or settlements. SRG Advocacy applies logic to its methodical processes in representing the best interests of its clients. The ultimate outcome is always restitution and compensation for those who have been betrayed, defrauded or suffered at the hands of a negligent advisor or trusted party. From experience SRG Advocacy understands the shame, the guilt, the anxiety and stress that arises from having been financially compromised. We do not judge. We support and encourage our clients to become proactive in their quest to restore that which has been denied or stolen from them. Take back control. Start rebuilding your financial future and email SRG Advocacy now on