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What Our Clients Say – SR Group

What our clients say

What our clients say

If you want someone dogged, determined and committed to help with your financial matter, you can search the world over and not find anyone better than Susie Bennell. ‘The Terminator’ has nothing on this lady – she simply does not give up.”

Kevin Low


“Went above and beyond to help. Honesty, trust and ethics are rare in the finance world but Susie and her team have all these qualities and more, They gave us hope when we felt we had none.”

Andrew Calyton


Having worked very closely with SR Group for almost two years now, I would not hesitate to recommend them to or refer anyone to them. They have been fantastic in dealing with my case and their tenacity in getting me a great result has been outstanding. A great team of wonderful people.”

Mark Laszczuk


Our professional team of experts have been committed and focused to solving personal and business financial issues since 2012.
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I’d like to convey my appreciation for all the hard work and great results you have achieved on my behalf dealing with my financial situation. It has been a long and harrowing journey but your expertise and professionalism has been just what I needed to get me through this. If it wasn’t for your commitment to my cause I don’t know where I would be. Certainly I would be in a financial disaster. I still have a way to go but things look very positive and I have peace of mind so that I can sleep soundly at night. “Once again, thank you and I highly recommend anyone who is in need of help with their financial situation to contact SR and Susie Bennell to achieve a positive outcome.”

Peter Bentley


SR, lead by Susie Bennell, have been a light in the darkness for me, a vision of hope , an inspiration to myself and others in my position in a time of crisis. Susie has demonstrated superlative skills, a commitment and a dogged thoroughness to champion the cause of her clients. Her compassion for the wronged and her dedication to achieve the best possible results for her clients extends well beyond the funding she receives to do so, you get a personal commitment from Susie not just the professional one! Susie is the “perfumed terrier”, she doesn’t let go of the battle or ball easily! This woman needs a movie or mini series based on her, seriously!”

Brett Hurlock


“Susie and her team are incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They are also very committed to achieving best outcomes in a caring and compassionate manner. I’d highly recommend them!”

Susan Leicester